This YouTube video playlist shows how DeepNote works, as well as several examples of DeepNote in action:

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  1. That is so rad. I’m almost as good as the robot after two Cosmos and an Ambien, but not quite.

  2. It would be funny if it could beat the top scores on x-box live, then it would become useful

  3. Hey Joe Smith, maybe someone would do it because it’s an interesting technical challenge. Moron.

  4. Holy Crap you beat me to it. A friend and I have thought about doing this very thing. Bravo sir you are genius

  5. Nice work guys – very cool.

    Question: why does it miss notes? Is it a sensor error, timing error, or something else?

  6. Al: Yes, But they used thousands of dollars of video processing equipment, and still only managed 60-something percent on Through the Fire on the Flames. We used a few hundred dollars of equipment, and can get 99%.

    Dubya: It is a combination of things. Most commonly, it is an issue 2 close notes only being strummed once.

    Joey: We will try to manage that, but I can’t make any guarantees.

  7. The Texas A&M one was done for a project and a stipulation was that it had to be a mechatronic device. So it was required to have moving parts. Also, the equipment they used was mostly donated.

  8. The controller we used is USB, so it will only work on XBOX360 or PC. Since GH1 is not available on either of those, it will not work.

  9. We certainly could… But it would be a waste of time and energy. It would basically be the same thing, wired into a different guitar.

  10. dude you guys are so smart, I would pay so much for that you guys really need to make an instructional video on how to make it

  11. While don’t have a video on how to make it (because it would be really really long), all the info needed is available on the “Build Your Own” page.

  12. what kind of sensors are u using in the video? I´m trying to build a similare machine for a schoolproject,

  13. I am sorry to see that no attempt has been made to make a PS3 compatible version walk through. That’s only because I own a ps3 and desperately want to see a version of deep note that works with my system.That aside, you guys have stated that it works just as good with rock band. could someone make a video so we can see?

  14. A ps3 bot was not made because the process I almost identical, and we wouldn’t get much out of it. The only difference would be that the parts would go in the ps3 guitar. We’ve done some testing with rockband, and it works, but not as well as with guitar hero. We can try to make a video of that over the summer.

  15. The reason why I ask for a rock band video is I plan on copying your system for “seeing” the tv but i have my own plans for a usb controller to play the guitar portion of the game. just want to see if it can pass muster on rb.

  16. The games only work with approved guitars. I don’t think you’ll be able to get it working with your own usb device. That’s why we hacked one of the guitars.

  17. Any chance any of you guys on the team use Skype and if so could you email me the info so I can bounce ideas off you about doing a similar project for PS3?

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