Welcome to MechanizedRock.com! The official online home of the DeepNote™ guitar hero bot. So why DeepNote? It’s not named after an FBI director, but rather DeepBlue, the IBM supercomputer that first defeated a human at chess. Similarly, we aim to build to an automatic guitar hero player that can beat a human at the game.

What makes our bot unique? DeepNote plays guitar like a human does; it looks at the screen with it’s “eyes” and analyzes and plays it in real time. Unlike existing bots, it makes no use of video input signals, or a preprogrammed note chart.

Want to Track DeepNote’s Progression?
Jeremy Blum, one of the team members on this project, has detailed the process of building DeepNote  on his blog category HERE.

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Q: How does DeepNote work?
A: Check out the “How it Works” page for a detailed rundown.

Q: Who made DeepNote?
A: DeepNote was a project developed by five high school seniors interning at Convolve Inc. with Dr. Neil Singer.  Dr. Singer graciously provided his expertise to help us with the project.  Check out “The Team” for more info.

Q: What songs can DeepNote play?
A: DeepNote was designed around Guitar Hero 3.  In expert mode, it has gotten 5 stars on every career song, every bonus song, and all the custom songs we’ve thrown at it.  In recent testing, it has shown that it can also play Aerosmith, Guitar Hero 2, Rockband, and Guitar Hero: World Tour.

Q: It even plays “Through the Fire and the Flames”!?
A: Yes.  Its current high score is 846,540 points, with 99% accuracy.  Visit the videos page to watch it play.